Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Black parabuntal straw with straw and crin whirl trim and diamante cocktail hat.

Pink silk satin base with hand rolled organdie and white crin trim cocktail hat

Beige straw whirl with amber diamante cocktail hat

Midnight blue straw with midnight blue and black goose biot feathers cocktail hat

"The Moulin Rouge" Cocktail Hat

glitter spandex trimmed with crin and crystals.

Flat weave straw whirl cocktail hat trimmed in black

Patterned silk cocktail hat with ivory and lemon frayed crin.

The Judy Garland Cocktail Hat

Patterned glitter spandex trimmed in hand rolled organdie diamonds

Black duchess satin cocktail hat with glass bead trim.

Pale pistachio silk satin cocktail hat trimmed with ivory silk orchids with diamante.

Ivory parasisal straw cocktail hat with hand rolled straw leaves.

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